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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Turkish knitted accessories - New Fashion


unusual pieces of knitted wearable art accessories by Elan at http://www.etsy.com/shop/irregularexpressions . Great for wearing in the Fall/Winter season..gives an eclectic look to any winter coat or daily outfit. Style for your outfit @ www.vedicimage.com

Turkish knitted accessories - New Fashion | Lost At E Minor: For creative people#more-12860#more-12860#more-12860#more-12860

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your Holiday Outfit

What to wear for your holiday this Christmas and New Year is always a challenge for everyone. Here's what we, at VI, suggest.

  1. Look in your closet. It sounds simple, but trust me its hard for many clients to take the time to just look. Be patient and take out all your favourite outfits and pieces and lay them one by one on the floor.

  2. From there, think about the theme of your party/event and pick the pieces that you draw to.

  3. From those pieces, see what it is you are missing and write it down on paper(* you will carry this when you go shopping*)

  4. So once you've written out your favourite pieces and have written down what's missing to complete your outfit, such as shoes, stockings, underwear, lipstick colour, hair accessory, etc. etc. Then now its time to SHOP!

  5. Look online first, then go to the specific stores

  6. After completing your shopping mission, set aside a few hours and put your look together.

  7. On day of party or event, you can relax and enjoy dressing up!

    written by Najaam Lee for the Vedic Image Group: www.vedicimage.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Style Studio: The Professional: Daniel Peddle


Style Studio: The Professional: Daniel Peddle

Daniel, the eyes behind the runway, scouts for the right models for the right client to create the perfect runway show. It takes many to create the Whole. It is our world!

2010 -2011 BLUE SILVER


We are truly ascending into a new world of fashion, beginning 2010. It’s like a countdown to a whole new fusion of wearable designer fabric technology, in which I call “Blue Silver “.
In this VI Forecast, up and coming new designers are too, feeling a new energy stirring, allowing them to be freer and open- minded to creating this new type of collection. They are light in weight of fabric and the hardware is light carrying a clean chromatic shine that looks so unreal and feel like you are wearing your own skin. The colours are luminescent adding a glow to anyone in these pieces. A freshness that’s crisp and appealing. It’s fashion at a new level.

I think Tokio Hotel, the band from Germany, new album cover art and title” HUMANOID” describes Blue Silver well, that a new wave of dressing is upon us and a new way of thinking. Lady Gaga and Rhianna have been pushing fashion boundaries, especially this past year, hinting towards what is to come. Designers, such as Alexander McQueen, 2010 SS ATLANTIS, spoke in volumes for a new direction.
So here it is, long- extended braid, surpassing the shoulders, elongated eyes, shoes with tall heels, fabric like skin against the skin, dreamy, luminescent colours, real and yet unreal designs pushing realism in a speed of light. So flash forward into 2011, and witness wearable fabrics that dance with illuminating waves of colours that are transparent. Affordable? Yes, indeed.

Written by: Najaam Lee, stylist for the Vedic Image Group™

Relaxed and Serenity

Year 2010 will be a busy year for us. Strict deadlines in office, rigorous assignments and wise money spending are the challenges awaiting for us this incoming year 2010 and because of those we at Vedic Image Group had come up with the soft fashion style of silver and blue with the touch of serenity and relaxed art of fashion . We prefer the combination of blue and silver since these are colours gives us a comfortable feeling of serenity and being relaxed . Our fashion icons are Rihanna, a Barbadian model and artist 1. Lady Gaga an American artist , composer and singer. Alicia Keys,an American soul singer, celebrity and famous pianist. These three fashion icons are considered to be the major stars right now in Hollywood as well as countries outside the U.S.A. Our main goal for this year is to provide the best fashion styling and image development for all people no matter where you're from and no matter who you are. All we want to give to you is your serene and relaxed lifestyle despite of the present stiff demands of the times.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Victoria Heads to the Theater With Her Beckham Boys: Photo 3 of 5 | Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Romeo Beckham | PopSugar - Celebrity Gossip & News


Victoria Heads to the Theater With Her Beckham Boys: Photo 3 of 5 | Victoria Beckham, David Beckham, Romeo Beckham | PopSugar - Celebrity Gossip & News

Love the coat Victoria is wearing..warm and oh so furry. It is a must to get. And her blue nails absolutely pops brightly against her skin and goes sweetly with her fur coat!

YouTube - Victoria Beckham SS10 NY Backstage Film


Behind the scenes before Victoria Beckham’s SS10 show. This is the example of preparation that goes into styling the looks, models, photos and for the main event, the fashion show. I really appreciate the creativity that each artists puts in to make the whole complete. Wow! I love my job. Its an empowering feeling when you see what you can do with a bit of your own imagination. Enjoy the Clip and tell us here at Vedic Image Group what you think of her SS10 Collection.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

YouTube - WSITN: MAC Pro + Magic Mirth & Mischief Haul


Ritchie always always have the latest updates on MAC Products! love MAC, excellent make up brand that makes you look absolutely FLAWLESS! Please view this video and leave your comments below. Thank you!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hollywood Fashion

One of the most fascinating fashion icon in Hollywood is Rihanna. Her Barbadian beauty and sophisticated image had caught the attention of people. Rihanna had been attending a lot of fashion shows Rihanna was able to build her fashionistic image and now she is considered as a top fashion icon in Hollywood

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter and Summer Collections for 2010 by:Vedic Image

Goodbye to year 2009 ! Welcome year 2010 ! We are all now planning what to wear in 2010. The most important seasons of the year are the winter and summer . The Vedic Image Group showcases a lot of fashion trends for summer and winter of this upcoming year 2010.

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