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Sunday, February 27, 2011

John Galliano “Suspended From DIOR”

OMG!!! What is going on at the house of DIOR? I just got the news from Full Frontal Fashion… check out the story below and stay tuned for updates right here on GOSH!About:


John Galliano is Suspended from Dior

John Galliano Photo credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/Getty Images

The visionary designer has been suspended from Christian Dior.

In case you missed the memo, John Galliano was arrested this morning due to a drunken rant toward a couple at a Paris cafe that allegedly contained anti-Semitic remarks. Dior has released an official statement regarding the incident: “Dior affirms with the utmost conviction its policy of zero tolerance towards any anti-Semitic or racist words or behaviour…Pending the results of the inquiry, Christian Dior has suspended John Galliano from his responsibilities.”

John Galliano is Suspended from Dior | Full Frontal Fashion

  • John Galliano
  • Photo credit: FRANCOIS GUILLOT/Getty Images
  • Story by: Jenaya Singleton/assistant fashion editor-FFF


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    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    Tuesday, February 22, 2011

    L.A.M.B. This Season?!

    Gwen Stefani mixture and clashes of cultures brings a sweet sensation of pieces for Fall 2011. 

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    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Friday, February 18, 2011


    Anna Sui Fall 2011 Collection, definitely outstanding. Lush swirls of prints in vibrant colours, large medallions necklaces against shimmery silvers .. it reminded me of Moroccan jewels. The mixes are brought together beautifully and easily for many to wear. Also, view her interview below and hear how this Fall 2011 Collection came to life! Great work Anna!

    Credit: fashion video: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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    Windows Live Tags: Anna,FALL,COLLECTION,York,MERCEDES,BENZ,FASHION,WEEK,Lush,necklaces,Moroccan,Also,life,Great,Credit,Twitter,medallions

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    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Sneak Peek Into 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011

    Here is a sneak peek into Philip Lim Fall 2011. Beautiful ocean greens, sandal sands, gold sparks, and tailored structures to keep you from flying into the Fall winds. HINT! I cannot wait to see the entire collection, but wetting my palette is so very exciting :) See his Spring 2011 just below the photos if cant wait to get your hands on something sooner--- mua!

    2-philliplim_115237828385 5-philliplim_115239239783 3-philliplim_115237501668 01-philliplim_115236550703 4-philliplim_115238557104

    Aren’t you loving these shoes??? HAUTE!


    First Look: 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2011 - Vogue Daily – Vogue

    Credit: Photos-Mimi Ritzen Crawford/Info: Vogue Daily, Vogue,Emily Holt

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    WordPress Tags: Sneak,Peek,Into,Phillip,Fall,Here,Philip,Beautiful,gold,HINT,collection,cant,Aren,HAUTE,Look,Vogue,Credit,Mimi,Ritzen,Crawford,Info,Holt,photos

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    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Burberry SS 2011 Campaign: Jourdan & Sacha

    Beautiful campaign commercial of BURBERRY’s 2011 SS Collection. The pieces are fun, retro and sexy! Great for you and your Valentine… RIGHT? :)

    YouTube - Burberry Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign: Jourdan & Sacha

    Windows Live Tags: Burberry,Campaign,Jourdan,Sacha,Beautiful,Collection,Great,Valentine,YouTube,Summer,pieces

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    Vedic Image Group sends you lots of hugs and kisses your way! And for this special day we want to encourage you with some beautiful photos for this day and for the month of February. Be inspired to be YOU! Love who you are and love the person as they are. Love is beyond skin and its beyond colour. Love is Universal. So Be YOU its OK to do so :)

    Vogue Italia Feb. 2011 issue did a fabulous job on selecting some of the top coloured models to do this piece called The Black Allure. The only opinion I would give on this article is the title. I really wish we can really step away from defining and boxing in a race. Its so over and done with. I wish the title was just one word ---“ALLURE”. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! But, please enjoy the great work they did overall.

    allure2 allure1 allure3 allure4 allure5 allure6 allure7 allure8 allure9 allure10 allure11 allure12 allure13 allure14

    Credit: Photos: Vogue Italia, Emma Summerton

    Source Fashion Gone Rogue

    Windows Live Tags: VALENTINE,Vedic,Image,Group,February,Love,person,Universal,Vogue,Italia,piece,Black,Allure,opinion,article,word,comments,Credit,Emma,Summerton,Source,Fashion,Rogue,photos

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    A Closer Look at GAGA

    Cbs- 60 Minutes,  did a wonderful interview with Lady Gaga and got to see her new look and some new pieces of fashion she is implementing with this new album Born This Way. Overall, it was her honesty and love for what she does and the enormous love for her fans came through the most. Below are some www.60minutesovertime.com footage that you can see more of my girl, Gaga!



    Windows Live Tags: Closer,Look,GAGA,Minutes,Lady,album,Born,Overall,footage,girl,pieces

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    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011



    Check out the video by ELLE of their photoshoot of Rachel and Rodger so in love, happy and the beginnings of their new family—YAY!!! Congratulations Rachel & Rodger from GOSH!About 

    Video: Rachel Zoe’s Bump Exposed! -- The Cut

    Monday, February 7, 2011

    She NAILED It!!!

    Street style Tokyo, Japan, this beautiful girl had ‘hard candy’ nails with Chanel logos, jewellery, gems, and so much charms dangling from her nails. loving her creativity she is the MONDAY MUSE! For a closer look, click the photo to see every detail!!!


    Credit: Photo: thanks to Tokyofashion.com

    Saturday, February 5, 2011


    Spring 2011 is jumping my bones—LITERALLY- and I am excited to feel the heat enter my pores and warm me up! BUT till then we can dreams and create visions; so here are some things we are GOSH-ING over for the Spring Wardrobe.. you better get them for they are going FAST!

    Shoes from House Of Harlow

    More photos of what we are GOSH-ING over will be in part 2.

    Credit: Images: House Of Harlow, TokyoFashion.com, versace, audrey.buzznet.com, chanel.com, bet.com, coco&breezy twitpics,

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    Wedding Bells Are Ringing

    Its always that time of the year, when the kick of love hits your heart and someone is either getting engaged to setting plans for their wedding, and many new brides are running around nervous, stressed with HI-anxiety trying their best to get the dress of their childhood dreams. Therefore the best expert in capturing those dreams is the beautiful designer, Vera Wang.

    Vera Wang has this special talent for designing fairy tale dresses that captures the essence and emotions of that Cinderella turning into a beautiful, Princess. Nicki Minaj new video MOMENT FOR LIFE, has a bit of that colourful fairy tale we all desire. So, Vera has designed some beautiful, amazing pieces for Spring 2011 and Fall 2011, and they are below to help you in creating that one of a kind wedding.

    Elegant-Vera-Wang-Wedding-Dress-2011-3 Vera-Wang-Wedding-Dresses-2011-1

    Spring 2011

    vera-wang-bridal-spring-2011 vera-wang-spring-2011

    Fall 2011

    vera-wang-bridal-fall-2011-collection-261010-5 vera-wang-bridal-fall-2011-collection-261010-2

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    T by Alexander Wang

    T by Alexander Wang starring Ashley Smith and DIPLO! Here’s the new relax cool collection of SS 2011 set to launch in February.

    twangcampaign1 twangcampaign2 twangcampaign3

    Credit: Photos: Daniel Jackson

    Source Fashion Gone Rogue

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