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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jimmy Choo Brings Out The TATUM

Yes we do love our Jimmy. So she has brought out the the Pre Fall 2010 Collection which I am loving. Yea! The bag and shoe is a must have HIT! Check them out:



This super soft shoulder bag in a patchwork of

taupe Elaphe snake with a long swinging suede fringe and

a chain handle is this season's must-have. Wear with ASTON

to complete the look. $2695.00



This strapped leather and patent Opanca sandal with a 120mm

sculpted heel is not to be missed. Wear with TATUM in exquisite

Elaphe snake for the ultimate look. $1295.00

Aston-PRE ORDER NOW | Jimmy Choo

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Berlin Based Artist Lulu

Bright colors and retro aesthetics of Berlin-based artist LULU*! Combining hand-drawn elements and computer-rendered graphics, her fashion illustrations are bold, yet quintessentially feminine, and all with an incredible sense of movement. It’s really no wonder she has created work for magazines like Vogue Nippon and Glamour, and companies like Swarovski and Mercedes Benz, to name a few. LULU gives us The Skinny on everything from where she finds her inspiration to how she got her start as an artist.Lulu grew up in a flower shop remember herself always having ongoing projects creating things as a child, like painting wood for example. He likes the Berlin Magazine called "Do You Read Me?!". Lulu is now a very popular artist with her work in big magazines and popular fashion companies.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

OMG… We Are Going Gaga For GAGA!

Lady Gaga gave a glamorous show of her Monster Ball Tour in Tokyo, Japan last week, and all her little monsters came OUT!!! The photos speak for themselves and also here’s a clip from her show in Tokyo.

Little Monsters who attended Lady Gaga’s concert: Creative fashions all the way!

Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-022-P7174-600x450 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-010-P7152-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-014-P7159-600x800 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-019-P7169-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-025-P7177-600x450 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-024-P7176-600x450 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-021-P7172-600x450

 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-050-P7224-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-049-P7223-600x903   Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-032-P7192-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-028-P7185-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-027-P7182-600x450 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-039-P7205-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-040-P7207-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-041-P7209-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-081-P7280-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-085-P7287-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-086-P7288-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-027-P7354-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-026-P7351-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-050-P7414-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-049-P7413-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-048-P7407-600x398 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-016-P7327-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-17-055-P7233-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-013-P7316-600x903 Lady-Gaga-Japanese-Fans-2010-04-18-033-P7365-600x903

Thanks to Tokyo Fashions.com for the photos.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hamburg Harbour Birthday is one the biggest events in Northern Germany. This is a traditional windjammer event in Germany. It is actually offshore where you can feel the “pulse” of Hamburg. In this upcoming May 7 to 9 2010, it will be the 821st Hamburg Harbour Birthday. This festival showcases a lot of traditons in Germany and this is a grand party that Germany continuiously hosting. The partying will be all day and will hold a formal conference. An evening event with glasses of champagne and elegant fashion dresses and astonishing lovely image. So book your tickets now in going to Hamburg Germany and get ready for your image by calling one of our fashion stylist @866-565-7541

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Angels & Demons Of Illusions

Paolo Roversi brings us darkness and light in twilight illusions.


69532_2_468 69532_5_468

69532_4_468 69532_1_468

69532_6_468 69532_8_468





Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vogue is on FIRE- Vogue Germany April 2010

Tanz auf dem Vulkan brings an imagery of fire in fantasy colours of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, black ..a mood scene that breathes life into each design and clothing. Symbolizing life in the midst of death and destruction… a daily path we each walk. the flow, ethereal and beauty in each piece conforms to the body with grace and subtly.

70903_3_468  70903_4_468

70903_5_468 70903_6_468

70903_2_468_fieryhell 70903_8_468

70903_9_468 70903_10_468

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