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Monday, July 5, 2010

Model Leslie Bibb in L’Officiel Brazil. Photographed by Gomillion & Leupold

          Styled by Donald Lawrence. This futuristic set in the desert brings a rugged dry feel as if on a dry planet, Mars..but without the red sands, against the harsh black contrast of these awesome pieces. Personally, its sad for me that the lighting on details was not better, because with some close ups you can see these pieces are extremely brilliant because of the details and cuts of the structures. Go go go to L’Officel Brazil for exclusive brand names on these pieces.

leslie-bibb1 leslie-bibb2 leslie-bibb4 leslie-bibb3 leslie-bibb5 leslie-bibb6 leslie-bibb7 leslie-bibb8

This is one of my fav pieces, the beautiful long black dress with long sleeves- so witchy for MOI!leslie-bibb9

Thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue for the photos

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