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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Double Deal Tuesday!

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Finally Back! Sorry for the absence :( Here we go!

Its Double Deal TUESDAY!

Its been a crazy week for everyone it seems especially with the super charged Full Moon that came in. I have seen some lovely photos everyone is capturing.

Of course this brings inspiration. Goddess Power!

A designer came to mind who has this intricate collection that exudes dimension and inner strength. Sophistication and toughness that I truly love. Its Peter Pilotto. I'm in heaven. Their creations are so magical, mystical, that I wonder what types of dreams they have, lol.. these guys are genius!

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos are the designers behind the PETER PILOTTO label. Pilotto is half-Austrian, half-Italian and De Vos is half-Belgian, half-Peruvian. They met whilst studying at Antwerp’s prestigious Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the year 2000.

PETER PILOTTO’s vision of womenswear embraces both new and classic perspectives on elegance. Otherworldly prints combine with soft sculptural shapes to form the handwriting of the design duo, something which evolves and is explored each season as opposed to being reactionary.

Pilotto is focused toward textiles and print whereas De Vos concentrates more on silhouette and drape. However, the duo work beyond their individual perimeters to create something new, their process being very organic and beyond an integration of the two fields.... read more here>

Goddess power indeed. You have to have a Peter Pilotto in your closet ladies. Even if its just to look at. I would definitely wear their collection. Its so powerful, strong, the inner-power that speaks through each piece of art here.
Tell me your thoughts on this pull for the full moon in the comment box below. Would love to hear your thoughts.
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All Photo credits: PopSugar, London Fashion Week, Good Looking Hair Style Blog, PeterPilotto.com

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